An historic lack of updates?

Dear Internet,

You know, a lack of updates is a good thing. It means I'm doing something more interesting with my life than staring at my computer.

Oh wait, all I've been doing is staring at my computer.

No, don't get excited. I don't mean fiction. I've been proofreading (despite the raging success of Henchman, I got tired of being a starving artist) the letters of the founding fathers. It's, like, historical. Too bad I'm not writing historical fiction. I'm getting a good sense of early America. All anyone cared about back then was who got a Brevet. (Pretty much an honor/pay bump/temporary booster rank).

And believe you me that some noteworthy presidents have really awful cursive. Also, I have found, however, that six commas to a sentence is not uncommon.

What I'm trying to tell you is that I'll get more free time in about a month. I'll get time to photo/scan in pictures, to enter more stories in contests, and release a sequel, at the very least.

honorably and respectfully,
Yr. obed. sert.


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