Historical Disneyland: The Tower of London!

Not London Bridge, Tower Bridge.
You can tell because it is made of towers, visible from the Tower of London,
and not,
in fact,
falling down.
Gee, RR Martin,
where do you get your inspirations?
 Went to the Tower of London today. Partly to see the room they'd ripped up and found 1500 executed bodies. Party to see the Beefeaters. Partly to see that punch bowl. (You couldn't take pictures, but obviously someone on the internet has). But mostly it was to stand where Moriarti stood before he smashed the window an stole the crown jewels.

The Tower of London also has ravens that live there. I am surprised that they have not carried off any gold/jewels. They have a magpie glint in their eyes.

ToL: Less a tower, more a bunch of buildings and walls.
 And outside the Tower of London was the above bridge that was painted for a Jubilee. Plus some great views of the Thames and stuff that people are actively constructing along the Thames.

Looking at these new/in progress buildings, I realized:

I totally get the future-London in Star Trek now.
Which of these is not like the others? 
So here's a question for you: which London do you like? 
a. Square Towers? 
b. Giant Faberge Rocket Ships?

Do the crows even have anywhere to land on the giant egg? Do they get confused and roost?

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