Shadowing Moonblind

The blind eye of the moon is shiftless, white and staring. No shadow has passed over her face since the dark lord Magna rose to power. In the night, the Magna's henchman warp and change into fanged wyverns, shadows of death. Only the prophecy of the Golden-armored man keep the herders calm and the sheep quiet.   

Keane blissfully wanders from village to village, telling them the official heroics of the dark overlord Magna's path to power. His job is to keep down the seeds of rebellion some places, and stoke eagerness for the prophesied Golden Armored hero in others. 

But when he finds himself taken from a village at knifepoint, and forced to listen to a Shadow, a shapeshifting henchman of the Dark Overlord, Keane's stories can never be the same again. 

Book One of Moonblind - Shadowing: A Henchman's Tale, by Kat Zantow

The story of one henchman
who refused to die.
Ebook Available for Kindle and Nook.

All too often in fantasy books, the servants of Dark Overlords are dispatched with a lazy flick of the hero's sword. But in Shadowing, the job benefits of fire, mayhem, and flight almost make up for it. In between burning down villages, the primary directive for minions is taking out heroes. When a man in golden armor and his faithful companions sneak across the border on a quest to assassinate the Dark Lord Magna, long live the Magna, it's up to the Shadows to cut his quest short. As always, things do not go quite according to plan, and one henchman ends up lone-wolfing it across the permafrost lands, following the stench of valor. 

"Well-written and a highly enjoyable, with shades of Pratchett and Gemmell, Shadowing: A Henchman's Tale is little gem from a gifted storyteller. I would highly recommend it and - at the time this review was written - is currently available to purchase from Amazon's Kindle Store for just £2.10 and as such is worth every penny. I greatly look forward to the future instalments in the Moonblind series." 
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"A fine balance between humor and a well-developed plot create a fast paced novel that is nearly impossible to put down." 
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Book Two of Moonblind: 
Gloaming: Vengeance's Tale

Available Early January.