About Kat

Kat Zantow is:
  • A writer with a contradictory love of ridiculous action sequences and complex characters. 
  • A proponent of First Person Smartass POV. 
  • An painter of violent, cute, dark, and colorful things, on a constantly evolving quest for style.
  • In relentless pursuit of entertaining fiction.
  • Convinced that the only thing she likes about bullet points is that they are called bullet points.
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About Kat
Reeling from the shock of graduating from William and Mary, Kat released her first novella, a sword & satirical fantasy novel, Shadowing: A Henchman's TaleShe currently transcribes historical documents, travels, and volunteers at a teen writing center.

Kat likes her coffee as black as her humor, and requires at least three mugs of each to function.

Short Novels

Short Stories