Córdoba, mi Corazon

Candyland Concept-art

Looking for a romantic getaway from the hustle and bustle of Madrid? Take a day to walk around this tiny, idyllic city with Roman and Iberian remnants!

Mini Minaret

Ever find yourself in the middle of Spain just wishing you could see something different, like Roman ruins? You're in luck! There is a Roman Bridge which dates back to the first century BC. Two of the arches are original. But we'll never known which. There's also a temple kicking around somewhere.

Roman and Iberian rule are water under the bridge.

From the bridge, you can see the Albolafia mill, which helps give the river area a postapocalyptic wasteland aesthetic.

General Mills

If you are still itching for Moorish architecture, check out Medina Azahara. Formerly a royal property, later a place for the Inquisition to hang out, it's altogether a pretty massive structure. The candycane arches on the inside match the door arches outside.

Arches show their stripes

When you walk around the old town, you can find a huge variety of angel statuary. Of interest is this really bewildering statue of Archangel Raphael. It is a fenced-off stone structure, with a mix of many clashing art styles and themes. The thing is made of stone, and surrounded by a wrought iron gate. The net effect  looks like someone serial-murdered other statues then tried to glue them back together but only managed to stick their limbs onto a very blocky attempt at a grotto, topped with a castle tower, topped with a roman column, topped with an miniature angel. All of which is growing some plants.

Grotesque is an art style.

And what sits beside the base? As mysterious as the rest of the assemblage, you find a Sphinx.

A grumpy cat before it was cool

GrumpyKat approves.

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