Thursday: Scattered bits of a city-wide hike

The hottest new hostel in London is Arsenal Tavern Hostel. It's got everything! Attached dive-bar, triple-tall bunk beds, white bread and jam for breakfast, and literal mushrooms growing between the showers! 

Thursday I hiked around London. It was great fun, and quite a lot of walking.

I couldn't go into the museum, because it was NOT
redesigned to look like the true Sherlock's apartment.

Baker Street was nice, and of course necessitated a trip to Speedy's sandwich shop.

Then there was some shopping, and anyone who thinks British fashion is forward--be informed that this is for sale: 

This inadequate photo does not show you the glitter on the pug's medalion,
as well as the overall legs awkwardly rolled up to mid calf.

Shopping did not result in me actually buying anything, though I was really tempted at Camden Market. 

I feel like I've seen this picture before...

Big Ben is pretty cool. Does it look better at night?

Then V for Vendetta showed up...
kidding. JJ Abrams style lens flare for flair.


Like David Bowie, London has one blue Eye.

Though if you stand under the eye, you know exactly how ants feel right before you run over them with a bicycle.

They should make another wheel, then it will look like an underground bike
or Dr. Eckleburg turning into a hypnotic machine.

It is a very interesting city to walk around. Lots of the architecture is lovely, and sometimes you see things that just don't make sense--

Alien snowflake attack? 

It's a really interesting city, with the blend of very old and very modern architecture. There is scaffolding everywhere, and everything gives the impression of progress. Also, there are startlingly few homeless people panhandling at the tourist sites. 

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