Top three things I learned from Flying: Gullible Travels

I love airplanes. They're fun to jump out of, provided you have a parachute/someone who knows what they are doing. Right now, fully realizing the true meaning of jet lag, I kind of hate them. Last night was DC to Iceland to London.

This was my first time doing international plane travel. It seemed much the same as domestic, except that everything was said in Icelandic.

Lesson 1: stand your ground!
It looks like a circuit board!

If you picked your seat, don't agree to swap with anyone for any reason.

An adorable family asked to switch their son's seat with mine. They said he had a window seat a few forward. This was true, but the windows aren't aligned, so my visibility was halved! (I would care a lot if I was missing more than circuit boards and black sky.) It also seemed to be the loudest seat on the plane. Earplugs and headphones are my new favorite things.

Lesson 2: don't think too hard

#thatawkwardmomentwhen you realize you have no idea
if this is Iceland or clouds. Spoiler: clouds.
Clouds are weird. Deal with it.

Lesson 3: London is tiny
Not really, but when the plane brings you in, down into Heathrow, you enter at just the right distance for the entire city to look like it's made of miniatures. The architecture and cars also work very well to make them look like they are toys.

It is quite possible that I was also suffering increasingly from the effects of sleep deprivation when I was most convinced we were flying very low over a miniature city.

This isn't what I'm talking about. I couldn't take pictures
for the thing I was talking about or else the electronic radiation
would've made a terrible movie plot.

Also everything is culture shock; Taylor Swift was the first thing I saw on tv.

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