Lions and Tigers and Zombies, oh My!

Not too long ago I read an Amanda Hocking book, and found myself suitably entertained.  Check out the blog post title. Yeah. It was kind of like that.

In case you missed it, I reviewed it over at The Canary Review.

In Hollowland by Amanda Hocking, hardcore teenager chic Remy travels with a Canadian, a rock-star, and a fashionista teenybopper through a post-apocalyptic, zombie-ravaged landscape on a quest to find the military quarantine holding her brother. Romantic subplots are plentiful, but for a post-apocalyptic tale of horror and adventure, there aren’t enough zombies to fertilize a garden. The true monsters the companions encounter are their fellow man (in the form of polygamous cults, armies of psychopaths, and military law). But while these subplots are tense and suspenseful, it was a downer that the slow-moving zombies never made me fear for the character’s lives or health. In part, this was because they had a lion in their car.

Wait, what? Is that a typo?

Nope. It’s a lion. Lioness, to be precise.

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Charles Cooper said...

Where's my favorite 'lil blogger gone?!

Kat Zantow said...

Psh. Don't be silly. Why would I be blogging when I could be making bank at a riveting part-time job or throwing in my slave labor to the construction of a chicken coop/mansion?