Nice is nice

Nice boats.
Let's take a quiz: Why do you want to go to France?
  1. Drink all the wine? 
  2. Take in some culture?
  3. Go swimming in the Mediterranean? 
In Nice, you can do all of those things. Well, not so much the culture part. But you go there anyway! Since 4 million tourists visit each year, statistics indicate that you probably already have. 

Azure Coast? More like the Gris Coast.

On the Auzure Coast, Nice is Cannes' and Monaco's less glamorous neighbor. If you are looking for gorgeous old buildings and quintessential French feel, there are a few things to see in the old town. (It is a very old town--people have been living in Nice since the Lower Palaeolithic age!) But most of your wandering is going to be looking at the ocean of hotels and what appears to be a less than fully vibrant economy off tourist season.

But let's face it. You're not here for the buildings. You're here to drink wine and go swimming.

Or, in the shoulder season, stick to reading on the beach.

In Nice, you'll find a large expanse of beach with many many pebbles. Fortunately for your feet, the sea smooths all stones.

They put Brighton's Fruity Pebbles to shame!

The Mediterranean is warm late into the season when eastern Europe is frigid. I did successfully manage to go swimming in the middle of October, and I do not tolerate cold. But stand warned: the Mediterranean is very, very salty.

If you look back you will turn into a pillar of salt.
I feel sure it would look vibrant on a sunny day. You could admire the boats!

Boats! Located, predicatably, in water.

And you can climb Castle Hill to see some archaeological nonsense, and see some fine views of the port and city.

Admire the complete homogeneity of the government mandated color of rooftops in the city:

Except for that one rebel yellow.

So drop by Nice, it's a fine place to spend a beach day if you are heading east or west. Because pro-tip: it takes a lot longer to get from Florence to Barcelona than you plan for.

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