Cover evolution

This is the process of change that the Shadowing cover went through.

Brainstorming phase:
Last time I went to a bookstore, sword hilts seemed popular.
I mentally combined that concept with a wolf door-knocker we have at my house.
I decided this was a bad idea.
There was another brainstorming picture, but it appears to have been so lame that I deleted it.

First idea for a cover with a halfway-transformed henchman standing there, like a bro.
Note that the wings are kind of like Devil May Cry swords.

In this stage his wings turned into spider webs, and his face, due to difficulties working out the jaw, began to bear a striking resemblance to Raziel from SoulReaver. Also, note the pen name idea and inherent flaw

In this stage his wings turned into umbrellas.
You already know about the name issue

And now it's just about perfect! Proper name, editors and publishing cited, series name finally mentioned, and the background is lightened up because it was brought to my attention that the last version looked like a lump of black on the Kindle. Still, there's something missing...
Aha! Now we have a fancy background texture! Thank you rock outside my house.  And now the process is done.

So there we have it: the very professional process through which I worked out the cover.


Ryan Schneider said...

Hi Kat. Nice work on the cover.

I read your post about pseudonyms, too.

I agree, we should simply use our real names. Unless we're hiding from the mob or something.

I began with a pen name and once I began publishing more books and building up my web presence, it became clear that no one understood the name or could spell it or remember it. So I dropped it. And spent the next several months going back to all the places I had established myself and changing it. Won't do that ever again.

Best of luck with your book and all your future endeavors!

Katherine Owen said...

One more thing. go take a look at this blog and see what Simon and Schuster did with these two books: The Unbecoming Of Mara Dyer and Silence.

If you click on the page the action starts. I was going to grab the code. I found it somewhere and play with it.

OMG! The ads are incredible and I'm trying to figure out what program they might have used to do it.

Ideas? You can shoot me an email at
kathycowen(AT)gmail (dot) com.


Katherine Owen said...

My first comment got lost. I love what you've done with the cover. I spend as much time on covers as I do the book; it seems!

Thanks for the post!

Kat Zantow said...

@Katherine, I'm glad you like the cover. So I failed to see your second comment explaining that the first comment got lost, so I was fairly bewildered for at least a day.

It's ironic that the ad for Silent is so loud. I had my speakers turned up which turned out to be a mistake. No idea how to make those. On my to-do list, though.