Kat is not a Zant.

Hello, my real name is Kat Zantow, and I am dissolving the lovely pen name of Evelyn Zant.

Shadowing: A Henchman's Tale (Moonblind)I published Shadowing under the pen name of Evelyn Zant, and it has taken me just under one month to realize that it was a terrible mistake. Evelyn Zant is such a pretty name, old fashioned but edgy. It seemed like such a good idea, until I encountered Kimberly.

I encourage every writer who has firmly decided to write under a pen name to consult this extremely important checklist. Let me walk you through my process:

Pen Name Selection Checklist

  1. Google it. Does it return few search results?  -  Under 400. Good.
  2. Search Amazon. Is there already an author of that name?  -  Nope. Excellent.
  3. Is the twitter name free?  -  Yep. And now I'm all ready for social networking. 
  4. Search Amazon for just the surname. Many readers search this way when looking for an author. Are there other authors with this surname?   -  After I published the book I did this check. Hello there, prolific writer of erotica, Kimberly Zant. 

Haunting Melody (Sexphiles)As much as I love the name Zant, which is less confusing than Zantow, I would prefer that a reader not have to scroll through three pages of entwined nude bodies, and find my book, on a good day, right next to The Howling: The SeXphiles. Tagline: the sex is out there. 

So forgive me, dear readers, for my abrupt about-face of identity. I would stick with Evelyn, but I don't really want my books to have to climb up through an orgy to be found. So thank you Kimberly, for giving me the courage to use my real name. Look for a global change by the week's end.

Now on Amazon: A Zantow! Hm. Amazon Associates still is stuck with the old Zant image. At least the picture with the obnoxious 'buy from amazon' link works. 

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