Cupcake Fiction


Cupcakes are in fashion right now in the world of food and deliciousness. They are bitesized and fun and different and glittery and delicious. I like to think that short novels are the cupcakes of the internet.

In honor of this epiphany, the henchmuffin above is an interpretive artwork of what Shadowing would look like as a cupcake. Unfortunately it became strikingly reminiscent of a cupcake version of Vincent Valentine, although it has been topped with with some cute little frostwings.

Full recipe:
1 1/2 cups pack mentality and telepathy
1 1/4 cups all-purpose cloak/wings
2 sticks or daggers. Substitute: claws/fangs.
4 large life-changing events, room temperature.
1 cup blood of Shadows
1 teaspoon softheartedness.

Top with a whipped icing, flavored with the essence of wistful wyvern. 

Recipe source: Food Network.

Moved from http://fictician.blogspot.com/.

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