Hunger Games with Squirrels

Everyone has a different relationship with nature. I very much enjoyed The Hunger Games, which I picked up around 2AM yesterday and finished around 4PM today. It was a surprisingly addictive book, but it reminded me that I would be very bad at a hunter/gatherer lifestyle. 

Katniss shoots squirrels and trades them for bread. I give squirrels bread. I worry that this is backfiring, though. I was sitting around drinking coffee when I happened to look up and see this: 


This is what I get for sitting in front of windows. They know the food is inside, and they're starting to mobilize. I have seen single scouts scaling the door before, but this is the first time I've seen coordinated motion. In fact, I have never seen squirrels so close together without one chasing the other off. 

If there's going to be an invasion, I suppose I can take a few lessons on survival from The Hunger Games. Let's see, what did I learn from this book? 

  • Survival is easiest when nomming the flesh of cute things. 
  • Dying of thirst would suck. So would starving.
  • It would be stressful to play The Most Dangerous Game with high schoolers. 
  • I am incapable of reading the character with the accent the author uses for Katniss's narration.
  • I devoured the book in two days, but it didn't leave me hungry enough to get the sequel. 

  • Hm. 
    Conclusion: if it comes down to a battle royale of me vs. the squirrels, I'll throw my cat at them and run. 
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