Moonblind Monday and Fever Dreams!

As I get deeper into Moonblind book 2 (sequel to Shadowing), I am doing an art push. Expect dragons, Knights, Overlords, and almost demotivational style character sketches.

Art of the week: What is a Moon Dragon?

I would have posted this at some reasonable hour, but have a terrible cold with fever and chills, and I may or may not have woken up just before two o clock today from a vivid dream.

The dream was of a team-style version of The Hunger Games. I think it was freelancing army types with guns that were trying to kill us for the audience's entertainment. Rather than strangers, we were a close-knit team of seven kids that had been raised up in a cultish and hard-labor situation. I'm not sure if the games were going to change and go all Hunger on us to determine a winner. Probably would.

Comma was there, but she was a cute little robot-cat full of little robotic beads like huge nanoparticles. The sponsors briefly drained out her robot beads and left her as a 2d puppet until I complained enough that they refilled her back fully functioning. She continued to be ornery, but I dragged her along so she would not get blown up. Oh dreams. Always crazy.

...And without further tangent: Moonblind Art of the week!

Possible Omnibus Cover!
Get excited for next Moonblind Monday!


Joshistory said...

Ooooh, pretty dragon. In the middle of Shadowing right now, Kat. Reading slowly due to any number of factors, but my hope is I'll have time to focus on it next week during my little vacation.

As for your dream, well... that is one vivid fever dream. Although you're not the first person I've talked to whose had a Hunger Games related dream after reading those books. I must be lucky to have avoided it.

Kat Zantow said...

Next time you get a cold - see if you join the club!

Sometimes it hurts books to be read slowly. I hope Shadowing isn't maimed enough to keep you from a happy reading experience!

Nocturne said...

I am so so excited for the next book in the series. And words can't express how much I love that cover from the colors to the scales to the awesome design.