Hom Com vs Som Com: Hit Man Rom Coms always win

Let me pose here with a gun while I watch
you run around  and jump on cars.
I made the mistake of watching Knight and Day today, and I was crushingly disappointed.

Don't get me wrong here, I really enjoyed it. I have a deep and abiding love of stupid action movies, stupid thrillers, and romantic comedies*. This was all of those steamrolled into one, and had I just gone into the film expecting a standard thriller-rom-com (which can abrev all the way down to 'tom com') this would have been a success. And really for a Tom-com, Cruise really does know what he's doing. A little crazy never hurt anyone.

I would have fully enjoyed the fine film if no one had told me anything about it. And told me wrong. I don't remember who I have to blame, but I am vexed. There I was ranting about the superiority of romantic comedies about assassins, and how sad it is that so few movies that fit this genre actually get made--and someone recommended Knight and Day. Fiend! So I was all excited, because it's surprisingly hard to find anything in the genre of hit-man rom com (super abbrev: hom com).

Consequently, to this villain's pernicious lies, I spend the first 45 minutes of this film all kinds of pleased, assuming that Cruise is a hit man, and he's gaining Diaz's trust for a larger and more difficult hit. This made his acting really good. The fake friendliness, the flirtation, the extreme sketchiness.

But as I watched further, it became clear; this guy is just a super-secret agent. And that's fine, for some people. There is nothing wrong with a spy rom com, or spom com. Except that I am pretty sure I've never seen truth-serum used as anything but a lame plot device.

The movie flirts with not trusting the main character, but doesn't flirt hard, and we know they're all talk and no daggers. Can I judge the movie for not having a truly psychopathic lead while still criticizing the relationship models in Twilight?

Yes. Yes I can.

To review, these are all of the Hit Man Rom Coms that I have found:

Killers - woof
The Baker/Assassin in Love - had Jaime in it.
Wild Target - had Ron Weasley in it
GPB - you gotta love the 80s.
War Inc. does this count at all?
Mr & Mrs Smith - hom/som com - still haven't gotten through it sober
This Means War - (barely counts) Captain Kirk. awful plot.

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