Seven things to do in Glasgow

Things to do in Glasgow!

1. Find beautiful night photography!

I would like to tell you I remember what this building is.

Cathedral, from the only angle without
all the scaffolding ever.
2. Put traffic cones on top of statues!

Kidding. The Modern Art Gallery beat you to it.

3. Go to the Botanical Gardens!

Just don't throw stones.

Don't throw stone statues either.

It's like being inside a tropical UFO.
4. Take a trip through time and space!

5. Take more pictures of that Cathedral.

You don't have to look so grave.

The Cathedral building is hollow on the inside.
You can walk in, if you want to.

It also contains a flag from the time when a gator ruled England.

6. Find Victorians in a vintage festival!

I am half convinced they came from the Tardis.

Clearly, not steampunk enough.
7. Learn to Thistle.

Teach me how to thistle,
teach me how to thistle!

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